Nokia Home Control Center

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A new device called Nokia Home Control Center. The company said that if your home is equipped with a so-called smart electronics, you can remotely via a cell phone screen to see who is currently called you in the door to see what happens to children in the absence of adults and do much more. Phones will communicate with hcc through any available form of communication on the Internet - WiFi or 3G-network. Ready software client that runs on smartphones based on Symbian S60 Nokia Home Control Center allows manage: 1.Ventilyatsionnymi 2.Kamerami systems and garage doors 3.Temperaturoy premises 4.Regulirovkoy lighting 5.Polivom lawns, etc. To ensure the widest possible support platform Nokia Home Control Center will be open to Third-party developers. It is expected that the Nokia Home Control Center will be shown on Forum Nokia World which will be held December 2-3, 2008.

The market solution will come closer to the end of 2009. 'This is an interesting market, here there is the curiosity of users and market demand. In addition, it is clear that we are using technology already mature enough '- says Sormunen. A new device called Nokia Home Control Center. The company said that if your home is equipped with a so-called smart electronics, you can remotely via mobile phone screen to see who is currently called you in the door, look at what happens to children in the absence of adults and do much more. Phones will communicate with hcc through any accessible form of communication on the Internet - WiFi or 3G-network. Ready software client that runs on smartphones based on Symbian S60 Nokia Home Control Center lets you control: 1.Ventilyatsionnymi 2.Kamerami systems and garage doors 3.Temperaturoy premises 4.Regulirovkoy lighting 5.Polivom lawns, etc.

Fishing Rules

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Udora site gims said: In our country many people are fond of fishing. Fishing - a beautiful view of leisure. But that fishing rights with a fishing rod lurk all sorts of dangers, think few. In the meantime, any body of water, even long-familiar, is to some extent there was some risk. Therefore, any fan of fishing here requires constant attention and adherence to basic security measures. Annually, there are accidents on the water while fishing. As of September 1 this year drowned 74 people, 27 of them fishermen, amateur. When angling fish from a boat, a fisherman from the required accuracy and caution.

First of all, in a boat must constantly maintain a certain order. Gear and supplies required for angling, keep on hand, having laid them along the sides and bottom of the boat behind him, and everything else on the stern seat. During the fishing is not hurry. If you want to change the place, do it, crouching and holding on to the seat or the boat, do not lean over the side. Be sure to bring a lifejacket.

When working with spinning take a reliable and convenient position, standing face-to-nose or aft, feet slightly apart. Anchor only get down to the nose or stern of the boat, pull the bent down, gently. It happens that the anchor catches on submerged objects: the sudden disengage when strong pulls or breakage of the anchor rope wonder depart from the boat. If the boat with the motor, set it strictly along the longitudinal axis of the boat.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Forged Wheels

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The most popular discs for vehicles today are light-alloy wheels of metals. They are divided into two types - a light alloy wheels and forged. Alloy wheels are usually made of magnesium alloys and aluminum. Forged in Essentially, all made from the same materials, but a very different way. Forged wheels are produced by hot pressing, and then go through the process of artificial aging and hardening.

Worldwide, it is considered that Forged wheels - an advantage wealthy car owners. And this is true, but in Russia there are several companies who have inherited the expensive equipment from the Soviet era, and yet they can afford production of relatively cheap forged wheels, which differ in price from western counterparts in several times. Because of technology, these discs is a little lighter than the cast, but they are much stronger, less brittle and quite suitable for repair. In the bumps, these discs do not break or crack and warp. But it is precisely this strength and is a minus forged wheels. For example, hitting the hole, the drive will not blow over, and pass it suspension, is clearly not designed for such loads. Designs and different shapes that appear when you select cast wheels, forged wheels have not found. This is due to the fact that the manufacture of molds for them are extremely expensive.

Interior Decorating

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The density of: - free light - heavy wallpaper (with a density of less than 110 g / m there are significant difficulties with the label bands in the presence of irregularities on the base, more dense wallpaper positively affect the atmosphere in the room). Viacom may find this interesting as well. Depending on the picture: - Smooth-color wallpaper - wallpaper patterned (non-recurring pattern, which requires fit of neighboring bands in the label). On average, our wallpaper live 4-5 years. But it is only when the conditions under standards that they (that is, we, their owners) are required to comply with: first, the rate of lightfastness, which must be at least 6 nodes vosmigradusnoy blue scale. Therefore, from the owners need to follow the proper arrangement of furniture to the wallpaper in almost full daylight fell. Where they do not receive light, they rapidly deteriorate and fade. Second, rate of permeability, which should be not less than 100 g / m.


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# Penetration waterproofing provides reliable waterproof protection of buildings through the use of directional solidification processes. # Armour protects gridroizolyatsiya surface water from a powerful high-strength waterproof layer. as an example we can consider waterproofing Viatron-3 domestic producers, as well as Italian waterproofing company Litokol. # Obmazochnoy and membrane waterproofing treatment is particularly effective when large areas of industrial and civil construction. # Antifiltratsionnaya waterproofing applied to protect against penetration of water into the underground and underwater structures, through retaining hydraulic structures, as well as to protect against leakage operational and technical or waste water.

# Corrosion Waterproofing - is designed to protect the material structures of chemically aggressive liquids and water from aggressive atmosphere of electrocorrosion caused by stray currents. # Paint waterproofing done in the form of a thin (2 mm) multilayer coating, usually of bitumen and polymer varnishes and paints for corrosion protection and protivokapillyarnoy concrete and metal structures # Plastering Waterproofing is a multi-(up to 2 cm) coating, and is most common for reinforced concrete structures: cement gunning, hot and cold asphalt mastic and plasters, do not require a protective barrier and allow them to mechanize the process of application. # Okleechnoy waterproofing is the label roll materials in the form of multi-layer (usually 3-4 layers) coating the surface with a mandatory defense ties and the walls. Has high fracture toughness. # Cast waterproofing - the most reliable form of waterproof, runs generally from the hot asphalt mastic and mortar pouring them on a horizontal base (2-3 layers with a total thickness of 20-25 mm) and fill the formwork for the wall or on the walls (thickness 30-50 mm).

Peloponnesian Peninsula

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The tablets in a bad mood this time change the colors of the world and its sense. Have you ever thought about the harmony of body and spirit? If yes, then read the article further. In ancient times, on the Peloponnesian Peninsula, in what is now Greece and neighboring countries were the rites and rituals gone down in history as something magical and mystical. In the city of Delphi on a daily basis, thousands of people rushed, with a single purpose, to get to answer your question from the oracle, the priestess of the temple, which flows into a trance and broadcasting in a state of hypnosis. In ancient India, a country where according to some under every tree, sitting on yoga originated the cult of the Great Mother Goddess, who has found his reflected in the teachings of Tantra. You may ask what is the relationship between a priestess in the temple of Delphi and the Indians involved in tantra? The simple answer is hypnosis, in the first case, an appeal to the unconscious with the issue in a state of trance, and In the second study with him under hypnosis.

Russian Judo

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Wrestlers from around the world show the magnificence of judo. 120 minutes Judo unforgettable. Excellent series of three films (judo), under the title: 'Judo Japan' published in 2007. Mashable oftentimes addresses this issue. Here, the curtain rose on the sport of judo. It is now possible to see the training in Japan from the inside. In the Soviet Union and Russia engaged in judo in practice, we studied Sambo.

Maybe it well. Angel investor contributes greatly to this topic. All significant results in the Russian Judo while in the past. For those who want to look at the classical Japanese judo recommend to watch this series of films. Especially since there are taught by such masters as Hirotaka Okada and Koji Komati. It is taught. Conduct training. There is a Russian translation.

Tool Master Painter

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To build a house, the Master needed tool. He also needed for the small daily repairs, like clothing, as the home kit - it just has to be with everyone, this is the opinion of most men. But every man is master to about This is not the women said. Most often, a collection of useful tools is beginning to emerge spontaneously, when we realize that we can no longer drive nails and pliers to tighten the screws. That's when then appear in DIY various drills, screwdrivers, jig saws, saws and other electric and gasoline assistants. However, paint cottages, whitewash ceilings, walls, windows, we still continue, as in Tom Sawyer's first time came across a brush or roller, not noticing the alternatives offered by the market of modern technologies. Is not it time to revise your existing instrument to painting and to turn his mind to master the technology HVLP ...

Paint Torch

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In special cases, such as partial repairs, touch-up, prokraske wheel arches, loops items covered with a car, any small parts regulation torch inlet pressure, ink is carried out, of course, at the request of a painter and on the basis of need. But, in general, and generally repeat: Paint torch should be the maximum. To do this, open the valve fully adjust the amount of flare. Ink. If we talk about the color of body elements, large surfaces, it is recommended to supply ink to open almost completely. The maximum flow rate of paint is at 3-4 rpm adjustment of the material on most sprayers, spray nozzle when maximally open.

But for a beginner is better to paint with a little filing because likely occurs in direct proportion to drip ink. The distance to the substrate. Viacom wanted to know more. For pistols with high-pressure spray at the output of this distance must be at least 20-25 cm The fact that a large pressure created by the torch of the "triangular" shape and relatively large it may be only at a good distance from the spray head gun. In addition, high pressure provides greater speed of the particles in paint plume, which means that at a short distance to the object color are very large losses when spraying paint. For modern guns are typical lower-pressure spray is another form of a torch and, correspondingly, smaller distance to the substrate. The speed of the gun. Average speed along a spray painted surface is typically 40-50 cm per second. That is one passage in the painting bodywork element from end to end takes about 2 seconds.

Turquoise Wedding

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Eighteen years you have together! Yes, there is something to remember ... It's - is that happiness is not so easy to destroy it - one of the great values of life, created by you. Traversing time of your first meetings, it seemed a quick and fleeting, but it remains memorable. You smiled and admired, loved and been fascinated, forgiving and believed in all the best, cherished every moment spent together. Do you not know about the intricacies of married life? In your eyes new ideas, changing views of life, but his heart remained unchanged forever. You build relationships with the word "interaction": understanding, mutual respect and vzaimolyubvi. Built, knowing how much you still have to go through. What to give the turquoise wedding? A gift to this anniversary, on the one hand to be slim, extremely beautiful, beckoning, on the other - to symbolize your feelings, strength, loyalty, reigned for 18 years of age married life.

Selection of "turquoise gift" may not be as difficult as finding a gift to any other holiday. Because you know your favorite (his favorite) and can easily conquer the heart. Often good choice of gift is precisely the ability to surprise. It was so hard and has a "turquoise gift." The appearance of the most attractive turquoise so - many shades of natural blue to pale green - which leads to the delight of many. So, do not observe such a "miracle of nature" is simply impossible! Of course, I'm not the original, when the add: as a gift for the 18th wedding anniversary is traditionally nyuyu give any products made of turquoise.

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