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Actually what is the main objective of this unique product. Let's start with a small description. XRumer - able to work with lots of different types, forums, guest, with various kinds of boards which are known to the Internet, as with questionnaires (, with diaries ( and samopisnymi engines. CAPTCHA breaking at once, twice. Source: Marc Mathieu. Penetration excellent (though usually from the base is more dependent). Built-in powerful search and verification proxy - servers. It offers anonymity and eliminates the ban on the forums on IP address. Can be used as HTTP - and SOCKS - proxy.

There is also a self-learning mode, the system 'FAQ' and it is - only a small fraction of its capabilities. I advise you to read more details about the program on the official site Botmaster.Ru, as well as to begin to register and be able to install the demo version and then decide: to buy or not. The cost is $ 520 - expensive, even too much! Believe me, it worth it. The main thing - approach and clever use of software. Attention! Having bought the XRumer, you get a completely free program Hrefer, as well as the attached base of Russian-speaking forums, 180,000 foreign forums, 210,000 foreign guest books, 17.000 Russian guest books. Why Hrefer? Hrefer - designed to collect all sorts of forums, guestbooks, blogs, bulletin announcements, Wiki etc.

for desired keywords. There is the automatic collection of proxies. Works with 7th all known search engines. Also able to sort the database by: Google Page Rank (PR) in three different ways (one word necessary thing). Described in more detail here. Removing traffic with XRumer Maybe someone knows why tell which is now one of the most popular ways for the extraction of traffic - this mailing obvleny Forums, Guest, social networks and all sorts of other resources. It is known that delivery occurs obvleny Forums significantly longer when compared with the dispatch of the guest books, Translator, wikis, and other resami. This is due to the fact that basically all kinds of forums after registration is required before activation and then distribution occurs. If we take gestbuki, bulletin boards, wikis, etc. here in contrast to the index is not always required to register, which gives the velocity distribution. (More interesting) to speed yet nevsegda affect quality because There are different ways of sending all of which have their pluses and minuses. Suggest to your attention three ways ubiquitous distribution through Hrumer: Method ( 1) Today is stupid spam forums with heaps references in one posting result gives almost zero. But many continue to do that and take a number. Of course $ 5 - $ 25 per day you can get, especially without their efforts to do. Example of blunt spam one calling: Subscribe to forums, blogs, article directories, check directories (all databases in the Index Yandex and Google). Specially selected base index (base index completely punctured for sale) is made up of Russian-speaking forums with PR 3-8 and level of TIC 50 Registering with the help of 3-licensing programs, including: Xrumer 5, Allsubmitter 5.3, Pantera 3.1 Semonitor 3 (for a more complete analysis of the preliminary site). After payment, you get a list of instructions that have to do to start our work. Registration in catalogs and distributed to the forums made within 24 hours of receiving payment.